My husband lives, works, and pays taxes in the US. He was visiting family in Ukraine when Russia invaded. Non-residents are exempt from Martial Law, but he is still unable to leave. Help me bring him home. – ❤️ Tarra

How You Can Help | A Ukrainian Love Story | Tarra Layne and Andrii Stepovyi



We need you to do what is needed to request the release Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) of the US and other male non-residents in Ukraine without these impossible obstacles. Male non-residents are exempt from Martial Law, yet, they still cannot leave due to inadequate and conflicting bureaucratic measures. A special stamp provided by immigration services is needed on their passports, which was never obligatory before the war. Since these services are closed, these men fall back under Martial Law and Mobilization, forcing them to report for duty if needed, when most haven’t called Ukraine home in years. (Andrii hasn’t resided there in a decade.) Does this make sense?


Cover our story. Help us spread awareness of Ukrainian male non-residents from all over the world in Andrii’s situation.


  1. WE NEED YOU TO SHARE ‘A Ukrainian Love Story’ to help us spread awareness.
  2. Reach out to or tag your state representatives and local media urging them to help and amplify our cause.

Please help bring my husband and others like him home.



The Situation | A Ukrainian Love Story | Tarra Layne and Andrii Stepovyi


My name is Tarra Layne. I’m an American singer songwriter and recording artist. (tarralayne.com)

Most importantly, my husband cannot leave Ukraine. He was visiting family in Ukraine when Russia invaded. Martial Law holds Ukrainian males ages 18-60 from leaving the country for mobilization purposes.

We need your help.

Andrii is a Ukrainian citizen, and always will be. He loves his country. Yet, since we are married, Andrii is a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) of the United States who lives, works, and pays taxes here in America. Like other non-residents living outside of Ukraine, Andrii consistently sends money to his family inside the country – 25% of Ukraine’s economically active population. These men (and women) are important to the country’s economy.

Ukrainian non-residents have been granted exclusion from Ukrainian Martial Law, but the government’s protocol granting them the option to leave Ukraine contradicts that exemption and cannot be completed at this time. Due to this circumstance, he, and others like him, are prevented from returning to their homes if they choose to do so.

You can help. See above.

A Ukrainian Love Story | Volodymyr Zelenskyy Urging Musicians at Grammys


At this year’s GRAMMY Awards®, Ukraine President Zelenskyy encouraged musicians to use their art to tell their story. After countless calls and emails, reaching nothing but dead-ends, I answered the call to action.

I turned to my music in an effort to change my situation.

#AUkrainianLoveStory is that effort.


As an artist, my life is my art. Turning our relationship into a project has been incubating since we met. Our story is a personal masterpiece filled with highs, lows, good, amazing, bad, and ugly. Timing, even in its current ugliest, has sparked the commencement of this project. I wish it were in better circumstances.

‘A Ukrainian Love Story’ had us weeping throughout its creation. For me, it’s been a distraction from the unfathomable events and scared-sick desperation.


Credits | A Ukrainian Love Story | Tarra Layne and Producer Ken Rose


‘A Ukrainian Love Story’ extends a special thanks to GRAMMY® nominee J. Ivy for his beautiful poem dedication. His involvement in the Ukraine tribute at this year’s GRAMMY Awards® makes this truly an honor.

A very special thanks is owed to Ken Rose, 20-year veteran of the Recording Academy and publisher of the GRAMMY® program book, who co-produced and directed the tribute.

Also, our amazing editor Zack Roscoe who fine-tuned the entire story, allowing it shine brightly.

Cameo Fundraising | A Ukrainian Love Story | Tarra Layne and Andrii Stepovyi


I joined Cameo, recording personalized videos benefitting the National Bank of Ukraine Fund. (Learn more at bank.gov.ua.)

Andrii and I wanted to support a trustworthy, internal organization in order to directly fund Ukraine’s army and relief efforts.

If you would like to donate for friendly chit-chat in return, book me! 🙂